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It’s hard to categorize what guys wear to clubs. From classy silk jackets with shirt and tie, to baggy jeans and a tee shirt, men have an unlimited range of choices when it comes to clubbing. We will do our best to run down the latest fashion statements that have any merit without giving a voice to haters. I say that because urban streetwear for men is and has been a source of a lot of controversy and division and some people are very vocal about it. So don’t worry…we will present pretty much everything you could possibly want to wear on a night out.

Kanye West’s “Yeezy” Sneakers at the Lowest Prices

Kanye West’s “Yeezy” line of sneakers may just be some of the most expensive footwear on earth. No matter, in 2015 men were waiting in lines outside department stores ready to fork over the big bucks for a pair of them. Whether the 350 or the 750, stores just didn’t have enough stock to satisfy this male shoe”¦ Read More »

Stylish Boxer Underwear For Men

Although boxers are worn underneath regular clothing they can be pleasing to the eye all by themselves under the right circumstances. Some women get a kick out of seeing their men in underwear, especially if that underwear is some sexy boxer shorts. Not only are boxers attractive, they are also quite comfortable and less restrictive than their near”¦ Read More »

Urban Style Hip Hop Pants and Baggy Jeans

If you like the urban style of wearing hip hop pants or baggy jeans you are not alone. While some people absolutely hate them and say they are passe, the orders for them keep pouring in. Never mind the jokes about running from the police when guys are wearing these, or the up-turned noses of disapproval when they”¦ Read More »