Does More Expensive Equal Better Fashion? I Wonder…

By | Dec 6, 2015

Kanye West in an expensive coatRecently I searched the web for fashion sites similar to this one, sites that sell clubwear. What is clubwear, you ask. Well, pretty much anything that men or women want to wear when they go out to a club. A lot of what I found made me laugh, almost to scorn. I found sites selling jackets, pants, outfits, etc. at skyrocket prices. Who would pay 1300 dollars for a winter jacket or 400 dollars for a pair of jeans? I guess maybe there must be a market for such expensive items but I’ll never pay that kind of money for “so-called” style no matter whose name is on it. What’s even worse is how awful some of theses items look, designs and colors so oddball that it makes me wonder what kind of persons buy this stuff. Now I realize that when people go clubbing they want to stand out a bit and perhaps exhibit some high fashion. That’s understandable…but shelling out that kind of loot for a simple jacket or pair of jeans is really beyond me.

What’s Wrong With Society These Days?

Before I say this I want everyone to know that I don’t have a problem with being wealthy, or well-off. Shoot, let me take off the gloves and say the word “rich.” These days everything is about how rich you are. Television shows like The Kardashians, Love and Hip Hop, Chrisley Knows Best, T.I. and Tiny, Basketball Wives, Lives of the Rich and Famous, and so on and so forth ad nauseum. I wonder why Hollywood producers think regular folks live vicariously through watching the uninteresting and many times hedonistic antics of rich people. Even shows like Storage Wars seem to celebrate the winners that came out of the Great Recession by televising how they buy up the paltry possessions of the poor losers who lost homes and had to store their possessions. It’s sickening to watch. But I digress much.

Is Style in the Eye of the Beholder?

Of course, it is. If Kim Kardashian thinks she looks good in 10,000 dollar Versace dress, fine. I might also say she looks good in it. However I know women who can put together an outfit for under 100 dollars and literally put Kim to shame. What am I saying? Fashion is fun and many times a passion but it should not be reserved only for those who can pay out the big bucks for it. I am saying don’t be hypnotized by a name-brand. That is not to say that name-brand clothing isn’t of great quality but is it really worth it? and can you find equal or better quality for much, much less? I think you can.