Urban Style Hip Hop Pants and Baggy Jeans

baggy jeansIf you like the urban style of wearing hip hop pants or baggy jeans you are not alone. While some people absolutely hate them and say they are passe, the orders for them keep pouring in. Never mind the jokes about running from the police when guys are wearing these, or the up-turned noses of disapproval when they are worn too far below the waistline, guys, especially younger guys are absolutely in love with this look. But how did it all get started?

When hip hop first became popular back in the eighties its singular identifying mark was the low crotch of hip hop sweatpants. Since jeans have ever been more popular than sweats, jean makers realized that jeans with a low crotch would sell, hence the baggy ones we see today.

What Is Clubwear For Guys?

Nowadays, unlike women’s clothing, clubwear for guys is a possible misnomer. The fashionable terms “urbanwear” and “streetwear” appear to be synonymous with “clubwear” as it concerns men. Whatever kind of “wear” you want to call it, clubbing apparel for men has morphed into a style that centers around jeans, a plain tee shirt, a cap, boxer shorts, and some judicious amount of bling jewelry. Of course there are exceptions but “casual is cool” is the norm for guys these days.

So if you are one of those “bad boys” seeking to renew your swag with some nice legwear and perhaps to fashionably showcase your posterior, take a look at the jean pants below. You will find the prices very reasonable and the look quite pleasing. Click on an image to see details for that item.

There is one thing we feel very confident about saying. We can almost guarantee that your new jeans from will draw the very height of envy from your friends and those who love the fashion, and even a cool admiration from those who hate it. Order a pair today. Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

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