How Revealing Should Your Club Dress Be?

revealing2Recently I saw a photo of Rihanna wearing a see-through white lace skirt that had so little lace and so much see-through that her plum-colored underwear was definitively and plainly visible. It appears that famous women like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and a bevy of others have flocked toward more and more revealing outfits.

So much skin is being shown by celebrities these days that the shock factor of their collective wardrobe has much abated. However, some dresses and outfits worn by a select few render the description “riske” massively under-stated. Most are too revealing to show here but you can get an idea of what they must look like by viewing a few images that reveal less.

excessive celebrity skin outfits

Other than J-Lo, I won’t mention the names of the women wearing these dresses but you may recognize one or all of them. One has to remember that these ladies are not going out to a club but are at some celebrity function and are dressing just for the cameras.


How Much Is Too Much?

It depends. You can clearly see to what limit some ladies have pushed the fashion envelope. Even if you’re a “wild one” I doubt that all but the most sexy club dresses you own will show more skin than the ones above. Face it, we have to get up for work on Monday. Until we are celebrities in our own right and dress for the cameras, it’s probably a good idea to have some reservation about what we decide to wear out…even to the club. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear a revealing dress. It just means that you should be careful and tasteful in what your dressĀ  or outfit does reveal.