Iced Out Hip Hop Chains

silver hip hop chainI suppose that hip hop chains can properly be called necklaces because that’s what they are. The distinction lies in the fact that these chains are often very large and mostly worn by guys. So I think a page for hip hop chains by themselves provides a service to men who don’t want to waste time looking through the feminine items we have on the page for necklaces. Guys, let’a be real. When you walk in to a club wearing a huge gold chain with what looks like a thousand diamonds set into it, do you think that anyone thinks it is real gold and real diamonds? Of course not. It’s just a prop and an inexpensive adornment. That’s not saying you don’t sport real gold…but most of the time the jewelry people wear out to clubs is costume even if they have the real thing at home. Now if you want the genuine article, we have that for you too. I’m just saying…   The fact is that you just have to look at the prices to know which of these is the real article, and even then, the prices are still fairly low.

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