Silver and Gold Toe Rings For Feminine Feet

gold medieval weave toe ringSome women don’t wear toe rings because they think that their feet are unattractive. If a woman feels this way it may dictate the style of shoes she is willing to wear. In the case of heels she will be more likely to wear the “closed toe” rather than “open toe” style. But there are other women who are blessed with exquisitely beautiful and sexy-looking feet, and even more lovely toes. For these lucky ladies, toe rings can accentuate what are already beautiful feet and compliment a sexy pair of heels or sandals. Just what is a judicious number of rings on a foot is a matter of personal choice. It depends on entirely on how much bling you think is right for the outfit and the occasion.

Silver Or Gold?

We like both. But if you are in a club or at a party where lighting conditions are low, silver bling has a whiter shine and therefore can be better seen on the feet which are normally below the level of the eyes. The other obvious advantage of wearing silver is that it is less expensive than gold. Gold, on the other hand, has a richer glow and adds a touch of exclusivity to a woman’s foot that silver just can’t match. If there is enough light, gold on the toes just might be the look you want when you are out for a night of fun and dancing.

For those women who don’t think they have beautiful feet, you should at least have one ring to try out either silver or gold. It is a well documented fact that ornaments of silver, gold, and other precious and semi-precious metals have adorned various body parts of men and women since time immemorial. This has always been done with the intent to add a measure of beauty to the body and thus to the person. In short, people wear jewelry because it tends to beautify the person wearing it, and the hand, finger, neck, ankle or toe that is adorned with it. So if you think your toes are unattractive, they just might become less so when you add some bling to them. Who knows? You just might be wrong about your feet.

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