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Everybody loves bling, right. I love it and I know you do. Otherwise you would not be reading this. If you are a hip-hop star you probably have enough flashy infinity necklaces, toe rings, earrings and gold chains for three or four persons. So this category is not for you. It’s for people who want to find one of a kind costume jewelry that, whether it’s real or not, looks so good that people have to applaud your taste and style. And as always, we want to bling it cheap.

Iced Out Hip Hop Chains

I suppose that hip hop chains can properly be called necklaces because that’s what they are. The distinction lies in the fact that these chains are often very large and mostly worn by guys. So I think a page for hip hop chains by themselves provides a service to men who don’t want to waste time looking through… Read More »

All Types Of Bling Necklaces At Low, Low Prices

Probably the singular most identifying mark of being properly iced out is to be wearing some sort of bling necklace. Whether it’s a plain silver or gold hip hop chain, or something equally ornamental, a necklace is truly the one item you need to be sporting if your want your clubbing attire to be complete. And because you… Read More »

Silver and Gold Toe Rings For Feminine Feet

Some women don’t wear toe rings because they think that their feet are unattractive. If a woman feels this way it may dictate the style of shoes she is willing to wear. In the case of heels she will be more likely to wear the “closed toe” rather than “open toe” style. But there are other women who… Read More »

Ruby Rings Add Color To Your Bling

When you’re out partying and want to dazzle the crowd, ruby rings are among our favorite choices of bling jewelry. The remarkably deep red color of a ruby adds a special touch to any digit and will attract the attention of both ladies and gentlemen alike. Treat yourself to one of these beauties and roll the way you… Read More »