Ruby Rings Add Color To Your Bling

ruby ring

When you’re out partying and want to dazzle the crowd, ruby rings are among our favorite choices of bling jewelry. The remarkably deep red color of a ruby adds a special touch to any digit and will attract the attention of both ladies and gentlemen alike. Treat yourself to one of these beauties and roll the way you deserve.

Where Do Rubies Come From

After diamonds, rubies are the second hardest gemstones known to man.. They occur in a mineral called “transparent corundum,” the same mineral of which sapphires are made. Trace amounts of chromium are responsible for the rich crimson color we are so familiar with. However, they can range in color from soft pink to deep red depending upon the amount of chromium present in the corundum. If titanium is present rather than chromium, the color is transformed into a deep blue and is called a sapphire. Yes, rubies and sapphires are exactly the same except for the color. They are rare and beautiful gemstones whose value both now and in the future cannot be understated.

Are Rubies Expensive?

Depending upon the clarity and color of the stone, and the carats, the price of a ruby can range from “affordable” to quite expensive. As a matter of fact, and as a rule, a natural ruby is most times expensive and persons of modest means don’t usually purchase one unless it is for some memorable event in their lives or to satisfy a fascination with this particular gemstone. That is not to say there aren’t exceptions and sometimes one can find a natural ruby for a fairly low price.

Since this is a page to help club-goers” bling it” properly and without a huge financial investment, we recommend the purchase of a “created” ruby. The “dazzle” quality of a created ruby can be pretty much the same of a real one. Most people will not recognize the difference. For your curiousity, we have included a few “created” rubies among the natural ones displayed below.

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