Stylish Boxer Underwear For Men

5-pack boxersAlthough boxers are worn underneath regular clothing they can be pleasing to the eye all by themselves under the right circumstances. Some women get a kick out of seeing their men in underwear, especially if that underwear is some sexy boxer shorts. Not only are boxers attractive, they are also quite comfortable and less restrictive than their near relation, the brief style of underwear. Some guys have reported that briefs tend to reduce their circulation in the upper thigh region and is a source of regular irritation at or near the crotch area. For this reason and others boxers have gained universal appeal among men in general.

Cotton Boxers

Cotton boxer shorts are probably the most comfortable and among the most durable. They can be worn just about anywhere, at work or at play. The texture of cotton boxers becomes less smooth over time unless it is a “cotton-blend” which in our humble opinion is an improvement over 100 percent cotton.

Silk Boxers

Silk is a very strong material and of course it has an exquisite feel. If well cared for a pair of silk boxers can last for years and effectively maintain its beautiful appearance and color. If you plan on going out and want to look and feel ready for a fun night, silk is probably your safest and best choice of men’s boxers…and hopefully, if anyone besides yourself sees the beauty of your new silk underwear, may it be a private rather than a public display.